Traditional Versus VOIP Phone Systems

When making use of a voice over internet protocol system, the internet is used to make telephone calls instead of traditional phone lines.

As a strong and dynamic system, the voice over internet protocol phone system continues to advance and is becoming highly reliable and popular with clients all over the world. Besides innovation, there are several reasons why people prefer voice over internet protocol to traditional phone systems.

The most apparent advantage as far as the user is concerned is the cost factor. Voice over internet protocol systems are far cheaper and therefore help clients save on long distance telephone calls. Companies that have multiple sites can avoid long distance telephone call charges when they convert the caller’s voice into data and transfer that over the internet making use of the voice over internet protocol system. This is of particular importance to companies that pay huge monthly long distance telephone bills.

Besides cost, advanced users of the voice over internet protocol system can enjoy several other benefits too. Since voice over internet protocol goes through a data network that runs on a server, voice over internet protocol can easily be integrated with other applications. For example, in a call center, the phone may be integrated to the CRM (customer relationship management) solutions and the same may be accessed through a webpage. Through a technology known as unified communications, voice over internet protocol systems can also connect with different communications media. For example, voice over internet protocol may be combined with email enabling clients to access their voicemail through email clients. Thus, the system is robust enough to support the growing needs of a young and thriving company.

There are several benefits to be enjoyed while installing voice over internet protocol. It is much easier to install and configure when compared to the traditional phone system, and it does not even need a separate phone line. Due to the web based management interface, it becomes much easier to manage voice over internet protocol systems. Users may simply hot-plug their phone anywhere in the area where coverage is provided. Due to the supporting sip technologies, users may enjoy easy roaming too.

Voice over internet protocol phone systems provide access to a host of technologically advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, caller id, call transfers, three-way calling and so on. Data sent through voice over internet protocol can also be easily integrated with other data like pictures, documents and so on. The system also has the ability to prioritize incoming calls by scrutinizing the caller’s identity.

Thus, better functionality, low costs, high portability, convenience and advanced features are some of the most popular features of voice over internet protocol. They are also some of the reasons for the popularity of these systems.

The voice over internet protocol is not the only thing which lower the cost and reduce of multiple extensions and service benefits so, it also helps you in lowering the office work, because it is an broad-band service, there is no need for miles of phone wiring.